Rose & FooD



Grown from a love of food and a desire to create dynamic, interesting menus to bring to guests across London & the UK.

ROSE & FOOD was founded by Sophie Rose in 2018, and has since created a name for itself as a go-to caterer and events business. With clients ranging from high-end brands to household names we’ve delivered boutique weddings to seasonal meals in the workplace & home, created design led canapés echoing the colours of a makeup launch, produced unique Jellies topped with Gold Leaf complete with brand logos and catered for some incredible guests.

We’re passionate about delivering events that not only showcase seasonal ingredients but bring alive a clients vision through delicious menus and seamless event styling. We understand it's the small details and the big flavours that make each experience unique and memorable.




Sustainable - Eco-friendly - Delicious

They are the buzz words of the moment but for Rose & Food they are so much more. They inspire everything I do. From the suppliers I use, to the flavours I create. Food needs to be delicious but aware. And that's what I do!

Our meats are free-range, and sourced from local butchers so we know where it's coming from.  Any fruit and veg is hand picked where possible, and always from local grocers and growers. There are some incredible growers right here in London so if you're sitting down to one of our meals you're most likely eating something grown right here in the capital. 

We can't help but think of the impact the food industry has on the planet and whilst we can't fix the problem overnight but we can try to make small changes on a day to day basis. Reducing waste, choosing suppliers carefully, avoiding plastic wherever possible and recycling all we can are just a few of the ways we are trying to make a difference.




The food was just perfect! Rose & Food really understood what we wanted & put together a menu our guests couldn't stop talking about.